Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Woman of My Dreams

I want love some one and be love. As we all know man and women are unseparateble when I want to get married one day I will choose the women that never will disappointed me. The characteristics women I will choose absolutely she is a muslin and Islam. The first characteristics that the women I will choose is she must care about me when she cares about me that show she love me so much. Beside that she must understanding and flexible person. To me when she understanding and flexible it will more easily to share something with her because the first thing that we need in relationship is trust and honesty with each other.

The second thing the women that I would like to choose when get marry is she must have a good religious belief and enough knowledgeable in Islam education this is important to make sure my wife have good attitude and good moral value so she can take care of her self and my kids. When my wife has a good qualities as a wife it is absolutely I will trust her to raise my kids so my kids will be a useful person when he or she become adult one day. I want all my kids have enough love from her mother that why I want to find the qualities women to take care my kids.

The third she must be respect me and both my parents. This is important to make sure my parents like my wife so much so it will more easily to me and my family get close together as a big family and have a good relationship. The last characteristic that the women I would like to find is gorgeous and cute at my eyes this is because when my wife is pretty absolutely my children hansom and pretty like her mother. I hope one day I will find the women that I dream.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Best Thing In My Life...

Dear everyone.
It feel so nice to be back and finally have the chance to wrote something new in my blog.
Today, I want to tell all of you something personal. Something that I've never told anybody before.
It is about The Best Thing in My Life.

I always thought life is not easy. It's complex and unexpected in every way. However, my life is not always like that. I have my own best moments in it, and I would like to tell one of it to all of you.

It was back when I was in Form 4 and Form 5. I was in boarding school at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Before I came to Rembau, my life is totally different. Why? Well, during my times at Rembau, I experience lots of joys and happiness. I feel free and independent.

Before that, I've never feel so happy and free, because all my movements and actions is controlled by my parents. I can't never be myself. Well, I can't blame my parents for that, cause they are PARENTS! That's what all parents do...

At Rembau, my schoolmates and I rent this quite nice how because there's not dorm for boy students at my school. I was taking Caterine course there (majority is girl students). So, me and my boys have to rent the house. Since that time, I feel so free because there's no one controlling me and telling me to do stuff that I don't want. No more controlling and rules and boundaries. I feel the freedom and I feel so matured and independent. It's the greatest feeling that I can ever asked for. Thank you, God for that.

However, boys will be boys. I've done many naughty things that actually was quite a sweet memory for me. The best actually. The naughtiest thing that I've ever done is when my housemates and I stole my neighbour's chicken! Hahaha! We are so hungry, there's no food around and the saddest, there was no money! In simple word, we're desperate. So, people said, desperate times called for desperated measures and that is exactly what we're doing.
What happened to the chicken?! That poor chicken... Well, after I 'sembelih' the chicken, my housemates and I cooked it to make fried chicken. And we all feel so good and full...

What else?... Hrmmm... my housemate and I also skipped school a few times... Huhuhuhuhu... We went to the nearest waterfall at Rembau and have the best time of our life! Also...
We went on a road trip to Malacca, K.L and so on during school period.

On the weekend, I did a part time job by helping doing catering business for weddings and some other events. I also used to worked as a waiter and served Yang DiPertuan Agong. That is totally priceless. I knew I'll never experience this if I didn't move to Rembau.

So, the best thing in my life may not be a great thing or so meaningful for much people but it does to me. I enjoy every moment of it and I'll never forget it ever in my life.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things I Would Like To Change About Myself

The first thing I would like to change about myself is want to be a smart and knowledgeable person. This is because when we have knowledge, people would like to be friends and it is be more easy to communicate with people around me.
The second thing that I would like to change is, I want to be a rich person. Usually rich people will be respected and receive credit from society. It is a karma people would like to see and to be enclosed with people who is rich and have something that can give benefit from them. The important thing I want to be a rich guy is, I can help my family and people who is in trouble and difficulties.
Other then that I also want to perform to be a good in English lessen, actually I am not good in English, so this make difficult to me to communicate with people in university. As you all know all student even staff in university usually use English as their communication and lesson method and most all books in university library in English form, so that why I need to improve myself to be mores better in English.
The last thing I would like to change to my self is I want to be kind person and son, how have a good attitudes and attacker that mice make both of my parents proud with myself. To me nothing that more valuable accepted happiness and a slight smile curve at their face.

Monday, February 2, 2009


How I spend my holiday time
During the holiday, I’ve done many activities. One of the activities that I have done is, helping my mother to do housekeeping. In return, my mother gives me some wages. My mum gave me lots of task, among the tasks are wiping the windows and fans, mop the floor, re-organize the store and so on. On 26th January 2009, my cousin got engaged, so I went to see the engagement ceremony. After the engagement ceremony ended, my family and I go back straight to my village to visit my grandfather. Coincidently, this month comes along with the durian season, so all my family members go to my grandfather’s orchard and took some durians to be eaten. We really enjoy eating the durians. We also brought some durians home to give to our neighbours and our family members that does not have time to come back at my grandfather’s house. On the next day, I followed my father and grandfather to his fish rearing pond. There are many types of fish there such as red tilapia, baung, catfish and so on. I enjoyed the experience. After we catch some of the fishes, we bring it home and prepare it for lunch. My uncle and I cooked all the fish in many different dishes and variation such as sweet sour, masak merah, gulai cili api and grilled fish. All the fish is fresh and easy to be cook. After lunch, my youngest cousin and I play the PlayStation (PS) 2 game to fill our time. The next day, my family and I are ready to get back to Seremban. Before we reach our home, my father brought all of us to the waterfall.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


At the first time I come to UiTM Dungun, Terengganu I feel so excited because to me Dungun is the new place that I never visit before, at the same time, I feel so sad because I will leave my home state for along time to study . Actually I am to afraid to go to a far place from my home and my family but I still feel happy because I will experience a new life that I think will change my life to become better than before. Dungun is the best place and the people around here are very nice. The first time I step in UiTM , I feel so proud and excited.

The first week here, students are compulsory to attend Minggu Mesra Siswa/i (MMS) week. The objective students attend this program is to make sure all the new students know the rules in the university, what they can do and what they cannot do. During this week, our new students will also get to know each other and make many new friends. In this week a lot of programs are held. All the students are divided into several groups according to their courses. Task will be given to all the students according to their courses group, the task given is such as make group performance. I think this program is fun, enjoyable and meaningful and so as all the new students.

What I think before I came to Dungun is, that place is not a perfect district, undeveloped and it is different than my state but what I’ve guess are complete wrong. Dungun is actually the best and calm districts, students can study peacefully. The place that I really like to go every day is the beach. The beach is located just in front of my university. Other thing that I like is the foods and beverage here. The famous food sold here are Nasik kukus and ‘budu’ sauce.

The conclusion is, I love Dungun as a place where I study.