Monday, February 2, 2009


How I spend my holiday time
During the holiday, I’ve done many activities. One of the activities that I have done is, helping my mother to do housekeeping. In return, my mother gives me some wages. My mum gave me lots of task, among the tasks are wiping the windows and fans, mop the floor, re-organize the store and so on. On 26th January 2009, my cousin got engaged, so I went to see the engagement ceremony. After the engagement ceremony ended, my family and I go back straight to my village to visit my grandfather. Coincidently, this month comes along with the durian season, so all my family members go to my grandfather’s orchard and took some durians to be eaten. We really enjoy eating the durians. We also brought some durians home to give to our neighbours and our family members that does not have time to come back at my grandfather’s house. On the next day, I followed my father and grandfather to his fish rearing pond. There are many types of fish there such as red tilapia, baung, catfish and so on. I enjoyed the experience. After we catch some of the fishes, we bring it home and prepare it for lunch. My uncle and I cooked all the fish in many different dishes and variation such as sweet sour, masak merah, gulai cili api and grilled fish. All the fish is fresh and easy to be cook. After lunch, my youngest cousin and I play the PlayStation (PS) 2 game to fill our time. The next day, my family and I are ready to get back to Seremban. Before we reach our home, my father brought all of us to the waterfall.