Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Woman of My Dreams

I want love some one and be love. As we all know man and women are unseparateble when I want to get married one day I will choose the women that never will disappointed me. The characteristics women I will choose absolutely she is a muslin and Islam. The first characteristics that the women I will choose is she must care about me when she cares about me that show she love me so much. Beside that she must understanding and flexible person. To me when she understanding and flexible it will more easily to share something with her because the first thing that we need in relationship is trust and honesty with each other.

The second thing the women that I would like to choose when get marry is she must have a good religious belief and enough knowledgeable in Islam education this is important to make sure my wife have good attitude and good moral value so she can take care of her self and my kids. When my wife has a good qualities as a wife it is absolutely I will trust her to raise my kids so my kids will be a useful person when he or she become adult one day. I want all my kids have enough love from her mother that why I want to find the qualities women to take care my kids.

The third she must be respect me and both my parents. This is important to make sure my parents like my wife so much so it will more easily to me and my family get close together as a big family and have a good relationship. The last characteristic that the women I would like to find is gorgeous and cute at my eyes this is because when my wife is pretty absolutely my children hansom and pretty like her mother. I hope one day I will find the women that I dream.