Thursday, January 8, 2009


At the first time I come to UiTM Dungun, Terengganu I feel so excited because to me Dungun is the new place that I never visit before, at the same time, I feel so sad because I will leave my home state for along time to study . Actually I am to afraid to go to a far place from my home and my family but I still feel happy because I will experience a new life that I think will change my life to become better than before. Dungun is the best place and the people around here are very nice. The first time I step in UiTM , I feel so proud and excited.

The first week here, students are compulsory to attend Minggu Mesra Siswa/i (MMS) week. The objective students attend this program is to make sure all the new students know the rules in the university, what they can do and what they cannot do. During this week, our new students will also get to know each other and make many new friends. In this week a lot of programs are held. All the students are divided into several groups according to their courses. Task will be given to all the students according to their courses group, the task given is such as make group performance. I think this program is fun, enjoyable and meaningful and so as all the new students.

What I think before I came to Dungun is, that place is not a perfect district, undeveloped and it is different than my state but what I’ve guess are complete wrong. Dungun is actually the best and calm districts, students can study peacefully. The place that I really like to go every day is the beach. The beach is located just in front of my university. Other thing that I like is the foods and beverage here. The famous food sold here are Nasik kukus and ‘budu’ sauce.

The conclusion is, I love Dungun as a place where I study.